Monday, June 14, 2010

My Monthly Diary for May

This was an exciting month so it is going to be a long update. First of all Mommy and I went up to Wisconsin to Grandma and Grandpa's house. I was worried at first because Mommy didn't follow the normal trip rules and packed days in advance, then she went out for the evening and I thought she had left and forgotten me. My ulcer got a bit upset by that and I had to be on Carafate for a bit. Then Missy's oldest human sister came to our house and she rode up to Wisconsin with us, which was strange, so I wasn't so sure where we were going. When we stopped for gas Mommy went in to use the bathroom and she expected me to take a piddle walk with Missy's sister, but I was having none of that! I watched for Mommy to come back instead.

I got a new Merlin Cam and I got to take it to Wisconsin. Here are some of my photos

Here is Mommy going into the kitchen:

Mommy's oldest brother washing windows. I got in trouble and got sent to my room. I don't remember what I did that got me in trouble, but it was boring watching window washing.

ALIENS!! Actually it is my human cousin and his friend, my human not-really cousin:

This is my cousin Missy. She is a Portuguese water dog:

Here's Grandpa and Missy in Grandpa's boat I can't wait until they get to the dock so I can jump in and get a ride. I'm not sure how Missy got to go for a ride when I didn't. I like Grandpa's boat because I'm allowed in it. I don't like Mommy's oldest brother's boat because only Missy is allowed in it. No fair!

Missy and I played run around one day and I was running so fast that when I tried to turn on the hill by the lake my hind legs spun out and went over the edge. Down the hill I went backwards, which was not fun. I came back up and decided that the run around game was over. When we got home I slept for two days and then I told Mommy I needed to see the chiropractor. She took me the next day. We had to wait a long time because there was a dog with a bad owie in the next room. The walls of the rooms don't go all the way up to the ceiling so you can hear everything that is going on next door. His daddy sang to him the whole time we were waiting, but the other dog ended up being fine (he had allergies and had chewed a hole in his leg and tail). I usually get mad if I hear the chiropractor talking in the next room, but this time I was good, maybe it was the singing. Anyway when it was my turn the doctor said my back was really messed up. She said everything was going in a different direction. My appointment took twice as long as it usually does because she had to fix so much. I felt much better after she put everything back and I wanted to play ball the next day, but Mommy said no because I needed to rest up after such a big treatment.

We noticed after we got back home that the dogs next door seem to have adopted an additional human. I think they must have thought that getting another male for the problem male human that lives there would give him something to do and make him behave better, but that hasn't been the case. Now the two of them are always making noise in the garage (which is by our bedroom) at all hours and I sometimes have to bark at them to be quiet. At least they got an older human who is about the age of the humans that are already there and didn't go and buy a human puppy.

Anyway, back to me. Mommy and I went to Mommy's coworker's annual picnic which I love because so many people come tell me what a wonderful dog I am and I get to go on a hike afterward, but this year it was better than ever because Auntie Naomi and Uncle Fred were there! I was very excited to see them and get pet. Auntie Naomi didn't bring me a present though because she wasn't happy about my small critter catching that I did last month. Sigh. Someone else brought a big puppy to the picnic and we scared each other without even talking to each other. When we looked at each other we would both just shake and shake. Mommy took me for my hike when she noticed that I was wagging my tail in a friendly way, but had on my angry ears. She didn't want the puppy to think that my tail meant I was friendly. We had a good hike, but when we got back to the picnic Auntie Naomi and Uncle Fred had left. I was sad.

Last week Mommy took me to the Tastee Freeze for a pup cup and then we went to the library to return some stuff and to see something called "a pipe and drum corps" that was playing outside the library. I'm not sure what a pipe and drum corps is supposed to be, but it sure was exciting. I liked the drums. They sounded like fireworks and the guys playing them had sticks in their hands and one guy's sticks looked like they had small white tennis balls on the ends of them. When the drums started playing I perked up and watched them intently. I was hoping that maybe they'd throw those sticks or the tennis ball parts at least, but they didn't. Then the pipes started to play. The pipers had sticks in their mouths and were holding a bag under their arms and more sticks were attached to the bag and when they squished the bags it sounded like they had CATS in those bags and the cats weren't happy about being squished. I got very excited and jumped up and down and barked and Mommy held my mouth closed and said, "You are not the music critic." but it was so exciting and I really wanted to get those yowling cats. Mommy made us move farther away from the pipers, but I still barked when they played so Mommy moved us so I couldn't see the pipers, but I listened for 1/2 a song and then started barking again so Mommy got mad and said we had to go home and when we got home I didn't get a bone. Mommy said I was darn lucky we went to Tastee Freeze first or I certainly would NOT have gotten a Pup Cup because I was so bad at the concert.

Last night Mommy took me back to the library and said if I was good for the concert that night I'd get french fries, but it ended up that silly Mommy had the wrong day and there was no concert so we went home and I didn't get any french fries, but I did get a big milk bone instead of a small one for my after walk treat. After Mommy did some boring stuff around the house we settled down to read in the bedroom. The male neighbors were making noises in their garage again and then lightning started and thunder too and I wasn't happy. I told Mommy to make it stop, but she didn't. Then the neighbors started making whooping noises and all the sirens that we usually hear on our Tuesday morning walk started to go off. Mommy got up and said we were going to read on the basement couch. I grabbed Pyramid and followed her downstairs. We could see the lightning through the basement windows and could hear the thunder and the wind and the neighbors whooping. I paced around and refused to settle and then Grandma called to see if Mommy knew that something called a tornado was coming our way. Mommy said yes and told her the sirens had gone off and we were in the basement. While Mommy was talking to Grandma I went into the storage closet under the stairs to hide, but there was too much stuff in it and I couldn't get comfy. I then tried to go back upstairs, but Mommy wouldn't let me until the sirens all went off again. There was still some lightning, but no more rain or thunder when we left the basement so I Mommy and I went to bed. We checked our yard this morning and everything was fine so Mommy said the tornado didn't actually hit us or too nearby. They say it might be big storms again tonight, but I sure hope there are no more tornadoes.