Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Monthly Diary for February

I debated about doing a February entry. Not much happened other than the big snowfall on Groundhog Day, which I already told you about in my SnOMG post. February is hard on Mommy and me because of all the weather shifts. My back and joints hurt with all the now it is warm, now it is cold, now it is snowing, now it is raining. I end up taking a lot of doggy oxie and getting sleepy and drunk and stupid. I do get to only take a 1/2 of one now, so that means that I am more slow than sleepy and not quite so drunk stupid. Mommy says if I weren't such an active and smart dog she might not notice the change, but for me, walking rather than trotting and not spotting squirrels right away and stuff make it really obvious that I am not myself when I'm on my doggy oxie. Also, the weather shifts give Mommy things called migraines, which means that she doesn't like when I smack her with squeaky toys. So we usually end up spending a lot of February in bed watching old movies and tv shows. We did get to take one hike along the river and I did a couple of eight mile morning walks which were fun.

I also told Mommy I'd like to start painting again. I haven't wanted to paint for about a year, because I have to go into the basement to do it and the stairs are hard to manage, but I followed Mommy downstairs one day, went to my "studio" and stared at Mommy while I wagged and wagged my tail. Unfortunately Mommy was only running downstairs to get something before going off on one of those Mommy things she does without me, so I couldn't paint, and then Mommy had to help me get back up the stairs. She says though that now that the weather is getting nicer she will move my studio up to the three season porch and we can maybe paint on one of the warmer days. Then come summer we will move it out to the backyard. So, hopefully I'll be able to post some new paintings soon.