Saturday, February 5, 2011


We had a BIG snow here. It snowed from Monday night to Wednesday afternoon without stopping. On Tuesday, Mommy was supposed to go into work, but she called to tell them she wasn't going to, just as they were trying to call her to say they were closing early. We went back to bed and watched t.v. and snuggled. The winds were really big and loud too for most of Tuesday into Wednesday and our windows rattled. I had to pee when the storm was going on, but I just ran out into the backyard and peed on the outside of the porch wall. We got snow INSIDE the porch so I don't see why I couldn't pee inside the porch, but Mommy said outside for that. I didn't poop for 36 hours though.

That was Wednesday afternoon when it stopped snowing and Mommy got the driveway cleared so we could walk into town. I was not happy that someone had put
great big snow mountains up in my way as well as made snow canyons and snow walls and snow pit traps. When we got to my squirrel tree it was blocked by a 6 foot mountain of snow that the plows had pushed up! I walked around the mountain and whined until I found a 3 foot tall area that I could climb over and get to the tree. The squirrels were fine. They stayed in for the storm too. I insisted on going to the feed store, but they were closed. Mommy said I was a goof to think they'd be open.

Mommy thought she'd have to go to work on Thursday, but they said the town where work is hadn't
cleared the snow yet so they were staying closed. I took Mommy for a nice long walk in celebration. First I checked on the squirrels, then I saw the feed store guys and got my cookie and then I wanted to go to Central Park. Mommy said that Central Park was going to be too covered in snow to walk in, but I insisted. Mommy has been shaking her head trying to understand why I can remember every place I ever found road kill, and can decide that all golden retrievers are bad dogs because one golden retriever ran up to me and bit me once, but I can't figure out that if the snow is deep and drifty in the backyard it is going to be big and drifty everywhere. Anyway, she let me go to Central Park and she was right, the snow was very deep and not walkable. I tried though. Someone had broken a trail part way into the park and I followed that and then I tried to make my own, but it is hard when the snow is up to your shoulder and higher in most places. Finally I got us over a five foot snow mountain and when we went down the other side I landed in snow up to my belly and Mommy ended up in snow up to her WAIST!! It was funny watching Mommy swimming out of the snow. When she finally freed herself I agreed that we needed to try to get back to a plowed street so I let her lead and we worked our way back to easier walking.

Today I insisted on going to the lake. I thought I might walk across it like we do in the winter on nice days. Mommy shook her head and said, "You are going to be disappointed again." but she let me lead her there. Sure enough after I climbed over the six foot snow mountain blocking the secret beach the snow on the lake was deep and drifty and I couldn't walk through it so we turned around and walked home. At least today most people have cleared their sidewalks so we didn't have to keep backtracking or walking in the street as much as on Wednesday and Thursday. In case you were wondering our official total snowfall for the storm was 25 inches. Here are some photos of our storm.:

The snow inside our porch

close up

snow by the garage on Wednesday, and it was still snowing

Me looking where I WON'T go in the backyard.
I can't actually see over the drift in front of me.
Mommy tromped a path to the chair for me today, but I still won't go there.

Me looking where I WILL go in the backyard

Me as far as I will go