Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Howlidays Everyone!

Wishing everyone a great howliday and a happy new year!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Monthly Diary for November, 2012

This was a busy month.  We finished off as much of the hiking challenge as we could do.  I had a bad three weeks between my treatments so I wasn't really into hiking and we ended up with two hikes undone.  You can read about the two hikes we did do here (this one features a really big big bunny) and here.  Mommy didn't let me write up the third hike, our Thanksgiving Eve hike, because I was such a whiner pain log-on-a-rope tired old man during that hike, that it was very short and so was Mommy's temper.  I guess if Mommy drives you to the state park for a hike you are not supposed to get all mulish and stop and refuse to walk as soon as you can't see the car, and then practically RUN back to the car when Mommy gives up and turns around after a half mile.  I also peed and pooped in the house this month.  The pooping part isn't odd, but the peeing part is.  I wrote that up for the Bad Dogs so you can read about it here.

Anyway, when I went for my laser treatment this month Mommy told the vet about all my setbacks between treatments.  Mommy was concerned that the treatments maybe just stop working, but the vet said that she thought it was probably the way the weather had been rapidly shifting between really warm and really cold in those weeks (we had days where it was nearly 70 followed by days where it was 30, nights that got down to 15 followed by days that got up to the mid 60s).  We know I have trouble with weather shifts, so this last treatment the vet kicked up the power on the laser and gave me more time around my spine and hips to see if it helps.  It sure seems to have because I've been feeling much better since the treatment.

This month Mommy got a bad dog owner in trouble in the park.  Mommy and I had entered the park at its southeast entrance and walked across it planning to leave at its northwest entrance, but when we got there there was a woman running her shepherd off leash.  Now at this park dogs are NOT supposed to be off leash AND the woman was running the dog in the picnic and playground area as well as blocking the exit!  Mommy called out, "Please leash your dog so we can get past you and leave the park." The woman looked at Mommy and went on throwing her ball through the playground to the picnic area.  Mommy called out again, and the woman moved closer to the exit and threw the ball through the picnic area into the playground.  Mommy called out a third time and the woman ignored us.  What the woman didn't know was that Mommy and I had passed a police officer having his morning break on the other side of a clump of trees, so we walked back to his car and Mommy told him that we wanted to leave the park but couldn't due to the off leash dog.  She explained that I have been jumped multiple times by off leash shepherds in this park and we didn't want to risk having it happen again.  The officer said, "No problem." and drove his car onto the bike path and up to the playground area.  We walked along the path after him. When we got to the other side of the trees he was driving back.  He stopped and said, "I told her to leash the dog and leave the park, or I'd write her a ticket.  She has chosen to leave."  If the woman had been polite and leashed her dog when Mommy called out she could have gone back to playing with him after we left with nobody the wiser, but she had to be rude, oh well.  We wish the police would hang out in this particular park more often.

Finally, ,this month had Thanksgiving.  I like Thanksgiving because I get some turkey and mashed potatoes and roll.  Mommy and I went to Grandma and Grandpa's house and I wore my camera and took some pictures.  Grandpa's friend with Alzheimers was there with his wife and I hung out with him a lot because when I leaned on him he would pet me.

I wanted the cheese and nuts that was on that table, but I was told no.

 Everyone is eating dinner and I am being polite and quiet by Mommy's chair.
This is the best way to get turkey and rolls

 Time to go home.  
Mommy got to take some turkey home for her and all the leftover mashed potatoes for me!