Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Monthly Diary for December 2010

Yes, I forgot to do a December blog post. So hop in your Not-So-Wayback Machine and let's go!

Let's see, I think the reason I didn't do a blog entry was that I didn't do a whole lot. Christmas happened. Mommy and I went to Grandma and Grandpa's house for Christmas Eve instead of them coming to our house. Mommy and Mommy's youngest brother suggested it as a new tradition. Grandma was not so sure about it, but she agreed. Mommy brought all the fixings for Christmas Eve dinner and we got there in the late morning. Going into the house I tripped on the front stoop and fell down. Mommy fixed Christmas Eve dinner and played a dice game and dominoes with her youngest brother and we took a couple of walks. After one of the walks I came in the house and fell down. Then Neighbor Mary came over to eat with us. I was happy to see her and when I was turning the corner into the kitchen I fell down. Mommy was starting to worry about me because of all the falling, but I seemed fine otherwise. We had a nice relaxing dinner and Mommy and her brother said they thought it was much better than everyone coming up to our house because it is a long drive and they have to leave early because of church. Because Grandma and Grandpa live close to their church they didn't have to run off right after dinner which was nice. Eventually everyone but Mommy and me went to church (I'm not allowed and Mommy's church is taking walks with me). We went to bed which was a bit of a problem because it was a twin bed and Mommy seemed to think she should get more than a small sliver of it. Eventually we worked it out and fell asleep. We got woken up when the church goers got back around 1 a.m. and then around 3 a.m. I kicked Mommy totally out of the bed and she gave up and slept on top of the other twin bed which didn't have a pillow so I certainly wouldn't sleep there.

Christmas Day I got to open one of my presents early. It was a 2 foot long antler! I got to open it early so I could enjoy it before Mommy's second brother and his family, including my Portie cousin Missy, came over. I got a stuffed reindeer, a stuffed lobster, a great big giant biscuit, salmon treats, and a box of giant dog milk bones. Mommy and I gave Missy a great big giant biscuit and a small blue monkey. We gave all the grown ups photos taken by ME!! Missy's Mommy got a picture of Missy's legs, Missy's Daddy got a picture of his wife and girls, Mommy's youngest brother got a photo of Mommy and my shadows on a hike and Grandma and Grandpa got a six photo frame with pictures I took at their place in Wisconsin, including a close up of Mommy when we were on a boat ride. Everyone liked the photos. After presents Grandpa's college roommate and his wife came over for dinner. I was nice to him again and when I was leaning on his wife I fell over! I spent most of the evening staring at my feet because they felt like bugs were crawling on them too. After dinner we went home and slept in our own bed.

A couple days later Mommy took me to see the chiropractor because of me falling down and the chiropractor thought I might have Degenerative Myelopathy so she told Mommy to take me to my regular vet sooner rather than later for more tests. You can read about that in my previous blog post. When we got home from the chiropractor there was a message from the car insurance people that her old car was officially totaled, they would send her some money, and they were going to take away her rental car in a week so she went to the new car place and actually ended up coming home with a new car that night! It looks a lot like the old car, but is red and not squished. Mommy kept my blanket from the old car even though it is blue because it has doggies peeing on red fire hydrants on it, but she bought me new red pillow cases to replace my blue ones.

Mommy thought we'd take a New Year's Day hike, but it was very very cold, below zero cold, so we didn't. It got nice and warm the next weekend though so I got to go for an 8 mile afternoon walk. I slept all the next day. We've had some more below zero days and I've had to wear Mommy's sweatshirt on our walks and Mommy looks silly in layers and layers of clothes, then a few days later we have a 30 degree day and Mommy and I get to take long walks again and she ends up unzipping her coat and taking off her gloves by the end of our hikes. Winter is weird here.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Adoption Day to Me!

Yup. Today is my adoption day. You'd think Mommy would do something special for me, like take the day off work and take me hiking, or give me an extra special breakfast, something. Well, not for me. I woke up this morning at 6 a.m. and promptly threw up. So, Mommy got out of bed and mixed up some Carafate for me and then we went back to bed and cuddled for 1/2 hour while the Carafate dissolved. After the 1/2 hour Mommy squirted the Carafate down my throat and I spit about 1/2 of it back on her and the bed. An hour later I got to have Pepcid and breakfast and walk to see the guys at the feed store, who at least gave me a treat, and then Mommy took me to the VET!!! That's right, my adoption day and I go to the VET for my annual checkup and shots as well as some extra special tests because my chiropractor was concerned that I might have Degenerative Myelopathy.

See, at Christmas I kept falling down. My back end would just go out from under me without warning. I was also moany groany and Mommy kept catching me staring at my feet like there were spiders crawling on them. She figured I had a pinched nerve in my back and took me to the Chiropractor. The chiropractor didn't find much wrong with my back so she did a test where she made me stand with my toes turned under. I guess I was supposed to put my foot flat right away, but I didn't. The chiropractor does weird things to my feet and legs all the time and I let her because I know it will make me feel better, so when she turned my toes under I just stood there waiting for the next part of the treatment. I guess that is considered a big failure and something to worry about. Anyway, even though I failed the physical tests really bad at the chiropractor's I passed with flying colors at the vet so I didn't have to have a nasty biopsy type test as well this morning.

So I have a fever today because of my shots and no special treats because of my throwing up this morning. Mommy says if I don't throw up tomorrow she will make it a better day for me and we will celebrate then. So Happy Adoption Day to Me! I've been with Mommy for 10 years which Mommy says is a miracle if you consider what my first day/weeks/months/years were like with Mommy and all the injuries I gave her, the gallons of pee and poop she had to clean up in my room, and the door frames, hand rails, clothes, books, stuffed animals, cooking utensils etc. that I destroyed.