Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Monthly Diary for November, 2011

This month Mommy and I took a three hikes which I wrote about earlier so you can go back and read about them if you haven't already. I earned my hiking badge. Mommy had trouble getting a photo of it, but I wanted to show you the nice tree picture on it.

Mommy sewed it onto my backpack with my other badges

Rover wearing my backpack.
Those are my Dog Scout badges, my PD badges
and my Relay for Life bronze team captain badge

All my county badges, and my TT and CGC badges

Mommy's favorite badge is the one with the skunk, but she thinks the one with the fish is the most appropriate for me, even though we aren't sure what fish have to do with hiking. We still keep all my badges on my backpack even though I can't wear it anymore since I broke those vertebrae.

Besides hiking this month we had all the leftover candy from Halloween. It was great. Mommy kept the candy out on the livingroom end table and I helped myself to some of it each night. I had trouble opening the box of Milk Duds that I took one night so I brought to Mommy to ask her to open it for me. Can you believe she opened it, but then she ate all but one of them! If I'd known she was going to be such a pig I'd have worked harder to get the box open on my own.

This month we also had a really big wind, not as big as the one that made Mommy take me on The Dumbest Vacation Ever, but it was big enough to knock a 10 foot long branch off the neighbor's tree into our yard. I helped Mommy by breaking the twiggy parts off. She appreciated the help and the branch is now in the corner of our yard making the base of our new brush pile. We had a really nice brush pile in our yard for a couple years which the birds, small mammals and reptiles liked a lot. I liked it too because it was full of bird, small animal and reptile smells, but then Mommy had some men come in and trim our trees and they took away and chipped our whole brush pile before Mommy saw what they were doing. We know they thought they were being nice, but both Mommy and I, not to mention the critters, were very sad about the loss. Mommy had been saving bush trimmings and fallen branches to make a new pile, but it was a sad little one. this new branch has really improved it.

Finally this month Thanksgiving happened. Mommy made pumpkin pie and I got to lick the mixing bowl which was wonderful. Then Mommy and I went down to Grandma and Grandpa's new house. I hadn't been in the house since they moved in and I spent about a half hour sniffing in every room. I came and got Mommy at one point and whined at her. I wanted to know where the squirrel window was. They had a great squirrel window at their old house. Mommy showed me where they had a sliding door for me to look out, but I didn't see any squirrels. Grandpa says they are there because he keeps seeing them raiding his bird feeder. Grandpa's college friend and his wife were there. He is the friend who has Alzheimers and he is more forgetful now, but he still liked it when came over to sit on his feet. Grandma forgot I was there at dinnertime and she tripped over me while I was lying down nice and quiet next to Mommy. Mommy had to catch her to keep her from falling and I decided it would be safer to spend dinner under the table if people were going to try to stand on me. I didn't get any turkey because of my tummy, but I did get some mashed potatoes, a bit of roll, and pie crust. I wore my camera so here are some shots of Grandma and Grandpa's house:

There is cheese on that coffee table and I didn't even try to steal it!

The sideboard with its holy light

Looking out from under the table

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and got some turkey and mashed potatoes and pie. Remember to be good so that Santa Paws will bring you presents next month!