Monday, June 29, 2009

Okay, Maybe I Went Too Far

I'm mad that I'm not allowed to walk, so to show Mommy how I felt I refused to poop for 42 hours. I finally had to give in last night. Deciding this wasn't the best plan I changed it this morning to refusing to PEE. Seemed like a great plan. Don't pee in the backyard, Mommy has to walk me. Sure enough it worked. After a half hour of Mommy getting eaten by skeeters in the backyard while repeating, "Go pee. Go pee." over and over again Mommy gave up and took me for a three house walk. I peed on a neighbor's wall and then bad Mommy made me walk home. Guess what Mommy, I didn't pee as much as I would on a normal walk so there! I said when we got home. Mommy left the house anyway. When Mommy got home she had a not so good surprise for her. A HUGE pile of poop. Five puddles of the runs and my diningroom bed soaked through with pee, pee on the floor and pee on the wall. Boy was she MAD!! She said the pooping she could take because I have trouble with anti-inflamitories so she wasn't surprised the Deramaxx gave me stomach trouble and she could blame it for that, but the lake of pee had no excuse. I was a BADDOGSHAMEONYOU! Now she won't cuddle me because of the pee and I'm only getting rice for dinner because of the poop. Perhaps my grand plan was not so grand after all.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Those Evil, Evil Bunnies

Well, I may be blogging a lot more for the next two months and it is all those evil bunnies' fault. See, Mommy and I were taking our morning walk and I spotted one of those evil bunnies hiding in the bushes. I dove in and tried to get him, but he got away. While trying to get out of the spiny bushes I got tangled up and fell out backwards, landing on my hips on the pavement. I shook it off and tried to go after the bunny, but to no avail. Mommy and I walked home and I was feeling a little sore, but not terrible, so I went to bed. Well, as the day wore on I started feeling worse and worse until by four p.m. I was in great pain. I screamed and cried at Mommy and told her I needed to see the vet NOW!! So, of course, all the vets were closed except the emergency vet, but Mommy took me there. The vet tried to feel my back and legs and I YIPED when he touched them. He told Mommy I needed an x-ray so they hauled me in back and drugged me up and x-rayed me. When he came back to Mommy he told her that I had fractured my vertebra right in front of my hips. It was a hairline fracture, but it was probably what was causing me all the trouble. Then he pointed out the top of the vertebra and said that it looked like I had chipped the same one some time in the past. Mommy is thinking that maybe that was from the previous evil bunny episode, or when I fell out of the tree trying to eat the feral cat.

Don't know if you can see it, but the red arrows are pointing to the hairline fracture. The circled tip on the left is normal, the one on the right is the previous fracture.

Anyway, the only thing the vet could do for me was give Mommy some meds to give me and tell us that I have to stay quiet for FOUR TO SIX WEEKS!!! No walks! No running! No jumping on the furniture! No doing anything except lying around being bored out of my skull. Neither Mommy nor I are very happy about this. Evil, evil bunnies you cost Mommy a lot of money, me a lot of pain, and have ruined my summer. Mommy is hoping my real vet will tell her that I can go swimming in a couple weeks. Keep your paws crossed because if I have to do a whole summer of no exercise I am going to go CRAZY and I will take Mommy down with me.

By the way, don't let anyone tell you that being stoned is fun. Those drugs they gave me to "chill me out" for the x-ray left me very disoriented. All I wanted to do is lie on the porch and sleep. Whenever I woke up I became afraid and cried for Mommy and she had to come sit with me for about 15 minutes until I fell asleep again.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Monthly Diary Entry for June

Well the big news is of course that I have a real live genuine blog now. No more crude updating my web page every month. The bad news is I don't have any place to store my old blog entries where people can read them, so if anyone out there knows of a good FREE storage space, let me know.

Anyway, on to my life this past month. We've had a lot of thunderstorms this month. I am not a happy camper because I don't like thunderstorms when I am at home. I'm always afraid that the thunder will make the power go out and then the beepy thing will go off and it'll be scary. When it thunders at night I climb in bed with Mommy and cuddle up until the next thunder, then I sit up and GLARE at Mommy because she should make the thunder stop, but she doesn't. So, Mommy and I haven't gotten a whole lot of sleep lately.

Grandpa had a birthday this month and the only day the family could celebrate was on his actual birthday (which never happens in Mommy's family), but I wasn't invited and since it was going to be a late night Mommy had me go stay with Auntie Laura and the kids for the day. They were predicting big thunderstorms that day and Mommy warned Auntie Laura that I could become a real pain in the neck, and that Auntie Laura could return me home early if I was disrupting her work. Mommy didn't need to worry though because I wasn't scared of the thunder at Auntie Laura's house. They don't have a beepy thing that I know of, so when the thunder started the boy and I went into the boy's room and I caught up on all that sleep I was missing. The boy was very happy to cuddle up with me and sleep too. It was very nice. Mommy was a little bit mad when Auntie Laura told her about it, and she showed me that the beepy thing wasn't even plugged into the wall anymore so it can't beep, but I don't care. If we are home and it is thundering, I am scared of the beepy thing.

Also this month Auntie Naomi and Uncle Fred came to visit me! I was outside in the backyard when they came and I ran to the fence and screamed and screamed and screamed. I was so excited to see them. They came in while Mommy got ready to take me for a walk and then I got to show them a short version of my evening walk. (Auntie Naomi wasn't wearing walking shoes so we cut it short to save her feet.) They really enjoyed my walk and when we got back I KNEW there was a present waiting for me. Since they hadn't brought it inside I knew it had to be in their car. So I took them to the car and when Uncle Fred opened the trunk I jumped on the car. This was BAD DOG SHAME ON YOU! but I didn't seem to scratch it. I was just too excited to NOT jump on the car. Auntie Naomi got my gift and I wanted to take it right there, but she said there was something in the bag for Mommy too and I had to wait. We went inside and Mommy got one of her jelly jars back and then I got my gift! It was a squeeky bison!! I've never had a squeeky bison before. It was very exciting. I played with it and entertained everyone with the squeeking. They acted like they were talking, but I know they were actually watching me. After a little bit they all got up and left me!! They went out to eat and didn't take me with. Mommy did bring home some sweet and sour chicken for me to share though so it wasn't all bad. I was happy when they all came back, but after a very short visit they left again. I whine and cried at the door and then ran to the back door so I could watch them leave better. It was too short a visit.

Another thing Mommy and I did this month was went to the anual picnic that her friends have to celebrate their anniversay. It had rained and rained all morning so we got there late (for some reason Mommy didn't think wet dog would be welcome at the picnic). Not many people had showed and by the time we got there most of those who had showed had gone. Mommy's friend gave me some cake and Mommy had some pasta which she shared with me. Then I spotted another piece of cake that nobody was eating so I took it off the table. Got in a bit of trouble for that and Mommy decided that we should go for a hike. I wore my camera and took some pictures. Here are some of them:

The best food seemed to be here.


We had a good hike and I saw a snake. I poked him and poked him and sniffed and sniffed, but then he got tired of me and disappeared into the grass.

Finally it has gotten VERY HOT recently. It was cold and nasty for so long and now it is summer. No spring. I have not been ready for this and neither has Mommy. Last night we tried to sleep on the porch, but the dumb, renters next door kept coming outside to smoke every hour on the hour and I felt the need to yell at them that they are dumb and shouldn't smoke, so Mommy and I had to go back in around one a.m. and sleep in the warm house. Mommy says maybe she can figure out a way to block my view of their house without blocking the air and I won't need to bark at them, but I'll still be able to smell their smoke.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My First Real Blog Entry

I made myself a new blog today since Geocities is going away. What a shame. I've been there for many years, but at least now people can subscribe to my updates, and who knows, now that it is going to be easier to update blog entries maybe I'll update more than once a month...or not. There are too many bunnies and squirrels out there to chase and bark at to spend too much time blogging. By the way, I caught a bunny on my morning walk today! It was hiding in the bushes. I jumped in, grabbed it and shook it and shook it, then I jumped out and showed Mommy and she said I was a BAD DOG SHAME ON YOU because the bunny was hardly bigger than a chipmunk. I knew that fish had size limits, but I didn't know that bunnies did. Hopefully the DNR man won't come looking for me.