Sunday, June 7, 2009

My First Real Blog Entry

I made myself a new blog today since Geocities is going away. What a shame. I've been there for many years, but at least now people can subscribe to my updates, and who knows, now that it is going to be easier to update blog entries maybe I'll update more than once a month...or not. There are too many bunnies and squirrels out there to chase and bark at to spend too much time blogging. By the way, I caught a bunny on my morning walk today! It was hiding in the bushes. I jumped in, grabbed it and shook it and shook it, then I jumped out and showed Mommy and she said I was a BAD DOG SHAME ON YOU because the bunny was hardly bigger than a chipmunk. I knew that fish had size limits, but I didn't know that bunnies did. Hopefully the DNR man won't come looking for me.

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