Monday, June 29, 2009

Okay, Maybe I Went Too Far

I'm mad that I'm not allowed to walk, so to show Mommy how I felt I refused to poop for 42 hours. I finally had to give in last night. Deciding this wasn't the best plan I changed it this morning to refusing to PEE. Seemed like a great plan. Don't pee in the backyard, Mommy has to walk me. Sure enough it worked. After a half hour of Mommy getting eaten by skeeters in the backyard while repeating, "Go pee. Go pee." over and over again Mommy gave up and took me for a three house walk. I peed on a neighbor's wall and then bad Mommy made me walk home. Guess what Mommy, I didn't pee as much as I would on a normal walk so there! I said when we got home. Mommy left the house anyway. When Mommy got home she had a not so good surprise for her. A HUGE pile of poop. Five puddles of the runs and my diningroom bed soaked through with pee, pee on the floor and pee on the wall. Boy was she MAD!! She said the pooping she could take because I have trouble with anti-inflamitories so she wasn't surprised the Deramaxx gave me stomach trouble and she could blame it for that, but the lake of pee had no excuse. I was a BADDOGSHAMEONYOU! Now she won't cuddle me because of the pee and I'm only getting rice for dinner because of the poop. Perhaps my grand plan was not so grand after all.

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