Friday, June 1, 2012

My Monthly Diary for May, 2012

This month was interesting.

First off, Mommy and I were hanging around in the kitchen when a HUGE bug flew by and crashed into the overhead light and crashed to the floor by me.  I grabbed it and killed it and then ate it even though it didn't taste too good.  Mommy looked up the bug, which she had never seen before, and discovered that it was a June bug.  Mommy thought they were southern bugs, but I guess not.

On one of our walks I spotted a person with a camera, so I stopped and struck a pose.  Mommy said that she knows I know I am cute, but not everyone with a camera wants to take my picture and she made me continue my walk.  How could they not want to take my picture?

Mommy had her birthday.  Usually she takes the day off and we go hiking all day on her birthday, but this year Mommy needed to get her car serviced, and I'm not really up to all day hikes anymore.  So, Mommy decided to take the day off and take me to the car place because it is by a bike trail and a lake so we could take a walk up the trail and over to the lake while Mommy waited for her car to be done.  When we go to the car place one of the service managers was a neighbor of ours!  Mommy didn't know he worked there, but he recognized me right away and he said to Mommy, "I know you two walk a lot, but this is way too far for you to have come."  Mommy laughed and told him our plans.  A different service manager, Patrick, was set up to help us that day (there are three of them) and he got us all signed in and we went off for our walk.  When we got back Patrick greeted Mommy and me by saying, "I need you to come back to the service bay with me."  Mommy said, "That is NEVER a good thing to hear."  Then we all walked back to the place where they take the cars and I got to say hi to a bunch of mechanics while Mommy and Patrick and one of the mechanics talked and crawled around inside and outside the car.  They did that for so long that I got bored and curled up between the forks of a pallet truck for a nap.  I did hear them say some fun words like, "Car" and "Mouse" and "Food" and "Peanuts" and "Chew" and "Poop" and some boring words like "Filters" and "Wires" and "Insulation"and "Damage" and "$2000".  For some reason Mommy wasn't very happy at the end of the trip to the car place.
Even though Mommy's birthday didn't start out too great for her I improved it by taking her for a short hike in the afternoon where she got to see some really nice birds.  She says the positive thing about me getting old and wanting to walk really slow is that she gets to see a lot more birds and butterflies and reptiles than she used to when our walks were done at 5 miles per hour. 

Duck Family
Tree Swallow
Who wouldn't want to take a picture of such a handsome me?
A few days after that Mommy did a really weird thing where she stayed home from work for about 2 hours, and worked at the same time.  Then she left to work at work and when she came home she was driving the wrong car!  A couple days later she drove off and came back with the right car again.  I guess it took her awhile to figure out that she had the wrong car.

Finally this month Mommy and I went up to Wisconsin.  Missy was there with her daddy and oldest human sister and Grandma and Grandpa were there and Mommy's youngest brother and, best of all, Mommy's brother-out-law was there!!  I ran straight to him, passing Grandma on the way, to say hi.  Grandma's nose was a bit out of joint because usually I run to say hi to her first, but Mommy's brother-out-law claps whenever I squeak my squeaky toys and he pets me for the longest times and he really is my all time favorite person I think, except maybe Auntie Naomi because Auntie Naomi always brings me presents and Mommy's brother-out-law doesn't do that.  Later Walter the Pooping Dog's dad and soon-to-be-mom and his human sister came over for dinner and later his human brother showed up too.  Walter doesn't get to come over because I don't like him.

That weekend Mommy and family did a lot of work around the Wisconsin house like washing windows and cleaning stuff and Mommy helped do a lot of planting.  I wore my camera and took some pictures of the weekend.

Grandpa heading off to do something
Mommy has wandered off into the woods
 She was getting ferns to plant in the garden, which was nice of her.  
They are very soft to lie on.
 Are there any chipmunks in the woodpile?
Mommy stayed an extra day and I was hoping we'd get to go for a boat ride, but no, Mommy and Grandma did MORE planting.

Mommy planting

You can see some of the flowers she planted.
I got right in the garden to get a good picture.
Then after they finished planting I thought we'd get a ride, but when Grandpa tried to put the boat in the water he discovered the track the boat has to ride on was broken so no ride.  I tried to get Mommy to take the peddle boat out, but she said it was too early in the season to take it out.  So instead we just spent the afternoon on the dock napping (Mommy says she was reading).  We did see two adult bald eagles and later a young bald eagle being chased and pecked at by a crow.

Bald eagle
I tried to get Mommy to take the peddle boat out again before we went up for the night, but she wouldn't .  We did look in it though before we went upstairs and there was a HUGE spider in the boat. 

Maybe it was a good thing that Mommy DIDN'T take the boat out.

The next morning I woke Mommy up at 6:30 a.m. sniffing and barking.  Mommy thought there was a deer or something in the woods and she wanted to go back to sleep for a bit before we had to get up and pack and head home, but I told her that she really had to get up.  She got up and we went out and I showed her that there was a stranger down by the boathouse!  Mommy and I went down there and the stranger was the handyman who had come to fix the boat track!!  I was going to get a boat ride after all!!!  The handyman had everything fixed by the time lazy Grandma and Grandpa woke up and after breakfast we went for a boat ride.
Boat ride!

Loon on her (or is it his?) nest