Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hopefully I'm Done with the Meds

Saw my regular vet yesterday. She said she was surprised how good I looked considering all the info she had faxed to her from the emergency vet. I have finished off the icky meds so I don't have to dodge Mommy three times a day and can now have kibble mixed with rice and eggs. This I like. The bad news is that I am not allowed to walk more than one mile twice a day. I walk five miles a day thank you very much. One mile isn't even a warm up! I also cannot get on the couch or bed, run, jump or swim until THE END OF AUGUST!! Mommy and I have arguments on every walk now though because I want to go into town, or all the way through the park and Mommy says no because all the way into town is two miles and through the park is a mile and a half. Waaaah! It is a good thing Mommy spoils me. She has moved her mattress onto the livingroom floor so we can sleep together and I can sleep on it when she isn't home too. Also, I'm tall enough that if I stand on the mattress I can see outside and I can reach the window with my nose so I can sniff at what is passing by. Everyone keep your paws crossed that I continue to improve because I don't want the icky meds to come back and I really really want to be able to take long walks again.

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LouPeb said...

Of course we'll keep our paws crossed for you Merlin! Just keep getting better ok?