Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mommy is a Traitor!

On our morning walk we came to a place where there are three black walnut trees in a triangle. Tree 1 and 2 are about eight feet apart on the parkway and tree 3 is about the same distance between the other two and six feet up on the house side of the sidewalk. As we walked towards tree 1 a squirrel came down with a black walnut in his mouth, heading off to, no doubt, drop it on the head of some poor unsuspecting dog. I knew I needed to stop him so I went after him. He dropped the walnut and ran up tree 2. I stood under tree 2, with the abandoned walnut between my back paws, yelling at him when another squirrel came down from tree 3 and crept up behind me, grabbed the walnut and ran up tree 3!! I caught the movement out of the corner of my eye when he was already about two feet up tree 3 and even though I turned and lunged at him I couldn't catch him. Mommy, the traitor, saw the whole thing and DIDN'T ALERT ME and then she had the nerve to laugh at me when I missed the second squirrel!!

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