Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Monthly Diary for April, 2011

April was an exciting month.

First off, while Mommy and I were on one of our regular walks

(Auntie Naomi, turn away!)

I saw a SNAKE!! It was right by the sidewalk and was all squiggly and I poked it with my nose and it squiggled some more so I poked it again and it squiggled awhile longer and then it knotted itself up into a little snake ball with its head under its coils and wouldn't play anymore. I looked at Mommy and tried to get her to make it play again, but she said no, the snake was finished playing for the day and we needed to let him get back to work.

(You can start reading again Auntie Naomi.)

A couple days later on my evening walk I found a nest of bunnies. I always play fair and don't try to grab the bunnies until they move and they were staying really still so we were in a standoff. Mommy couldn't see what I was staring at and she kept trying to make me move on, but I didn't want to. Finally the bunnies couldn't take the staring contest anymore and they all bolted off in different directions. When Mommy saw it was bunnies she was kinda mad, but I didn't get any because of my leash. I've checked the bunny spot every night, but Mommy says the mommy bunny moved the nest since a big bad wolf tried to eat the babies. What wolf?

The next day when Mommy and I were coming home from walking to the library to return some stuff we bumped into my favorite neighbor boy!! I was so excited because he had been sent to obedience school in the late fall and we weren't supposed to see him again until at least summer, but he had hurt his leg jumping over a fence and was going to need surgery. Mommy says you are supposed to respect fences and not try to jump over them and now I see why! I haven't seen him since so I think he is being kept crated so he doesn't do more damage to his leg. While we were talking to him Mommy's phone rang (this is very strange because Mommy only carries her phone on hikes just in case of emergency and not on regular walks). Mommy said we needed to head home because AUNTIE NAOMI and UNCLE FRED were coming over. We got home and a few minutes later there they were!! That is very very exciting because Auntie Naomi and Uncle Fred are some of my most favorite humans. I was very happy to see them even if Auntie Naomi didn't bring me a present. Mommy says I'm a greedy gus and don't need presents every time I see Auntie Naomi. They didn't stay long, because they and Mommy were going out to lunch before Mommy had to go earn dog food money, but they came back to see me again after lunch so that was good.

I got to go to the chiropractor this month too. My back just didn't heal up right after I fell off the bed last month so Mommy took me in for an adjustment. I was very tense when she started working on my back, but when she did a spot right above my hips I gave a big sigh and melted into Mommy's arms it felt so good to have things set right. I also had a bad spot in my mid back and my head was off too. The chiropractor told Mommy it may have looked like I fell straight off the bed, but I sure hadn't fallen straight!

At the end of the month Mommy and I woke up and there were two bunny birds in my front yard!! They were under the bird feeder eating the birdseed. I barked at them, but they ignored me. Here is a picture of them:

Mommy has been getting her veggie garden in and I've been helping. I like to make sure that the ground is good and soft and the planting lines are straight:

My friend Gracie has a new brother named Sherlock. He came up and sniffed noses with me at the fence for a good long time. He is a 10 year old toy poodle. Gracie is a schipperke.

Finally this weekend Mommy and I took a hike and I saw all kinds of great things. I saw two of the things that Auntie Naomi doesn't want to hear about, some deer, some geese (they ignored everyone who passed them until I came along and then they started honking "wolf! wolf! wolf! wolf!" so I barked at them and got in trouble) and some dogs too. I barked at some of the big dogs, ignored some of the big ones, and said hi nicely to all the small ones. I wore my camera and here are some of the shots I took.

A lot of people ride bikes on this trail:

I like walking on the boardwalks. You can see all sorts of birds there:

There is a goose nesting out there:

Mommy took a picture of it too. They like to nest on muskrat mounds because they are very warm:

One of the things Auntie Naomi doesn't like to hear about. Can you see it?:

There are deer out there:

Mommy took a picture of them too:

Mommy needed a potty break. I always go in the outhouses with her on trails:

Back on the trail:

Mommy's new car has a sunroof which is nice when you are hot after the hike:


Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Wow Merlin! Wot an eggsiting month you had. I stepped ofur a snek on our hike - I did not even see the snek. Mom taked his pikshure and I put it on my bloggie. Mom is not skeered of sneks like your Auntie Naomi is. I is supposing that be a good thing or I would has to deal with meltdowns on our hikes and I would rather not.

ForPetsSake said...

I'm glad to hear your back is feeling better! I'm certain there's be all kinds of cracking and groaning if I ever went to a chiropractor!