Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another Hike!

Mommy had the day off today so we took another hike. This time Mommy chose the second shortest hike in the challenge. This one was only 1.2 miles and it had mowed trails instead of crushed gravel so Mommy said I didn't have to wear my boot! It is so much nicer hiking barefoot. We had been warned by a friend who also does the hiking challenge that when she did this hike on a Saturday there had been a whole lot of very bad off-leash dogs with rude owners. It is illegal to be off leash in the regular county forest preserves because of all the threatened species that live there. There are FOUR preserves, each at least 40 acres and totally fenced in, that are made just for dogs to run free in so there is no reason to break the rules, but some humans are very stupid. Anyway, Mommy wanted to do this preserve on a weekday to lessen the chance of me meeting up with an unruly off-leash dog so this seemed like a great day to do it. Would you believe we saw 3 off leash dogs anyway?! Bad humans like that make it so that us dogs with good humans get banned from the forest preserves. GRRRRR. Mommy and I don't see why people don't understand that.

Despite the bad humans and their dogs Mommy and I had a good hike. There was one spot on the hike where there wasn't a grass trail but an old asphalt access road (this preserve used to be a YMCA campground). That road was a little rough on my toe, but I don't seem to have done any damage to it. There was a nice lake, but it was way down a very steep hill and I declined when Mommy offered to help me try to get down to it, my back legs have been acting up a bit today so I decided to be the smart one and just look at the lake. I didn't get any pictures of the lake though because there were so many things to smell, what with all the dogs that run around there, that all my photos but one were of the ground. Mommy laughed when she saw them.

GroundMore groundThis ground has some little flowers of some kind
It is fall, can you see the leaves on the ground?And Mommy!

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Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Yay! You got a bonus hike this week, too! I knows wot you mean about stoopid rude peeples letting rude dogs (and sumtimes childruns) run amok. We see it all the time too and it makes us MAD. Yes, I duss not has my leash on most of the time when the rules is that dogs must be leashed, howefur, I is nefur rude and I always lissen to mom's commands the furst time efurry time. I stay on the trail always, I nefur leave mom, deers and skwerrels can run rite in front of me and I ignore them and I go to heel pawsishun when I see udder peeples or udder dogs so mom can leash me up coz we dussn't want to be rude. My sisses Sydney and Dixie would nefur be allowed off leash coz, well, they would be rude.