Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Gotcha Day to Me!

So a funny thing happened yesterday. Mommy came home from work with surprises for me and said, "Happy Gotcha Day!!" There was



MOMMY'S THUMB!!! um...oops.

and there was a new squeaky toy with SIX SQUEAKERS in it and then I got some ice cream too and while I was eating my ice cream Mommy happened to look at the calendar and see that it was January 18, not January 19, so it WASN'T my Gotcha Day yet! BOL!! Mommy can be awful goofy sometimes. She laughed when she realized what she had done and said that I would have a quieter, actual Gotcha Day today. She came home tonight with sweet and sour chicken and wonton soup for me! I got some chicken bits in with my food and some of the chicken broth with a couple of wonton skins in it (but none of the pork filling because I can't have pork). It is my 11 year celebration so it seems right to celebrate it twice, once for the first 1 and once for the second.

In case you wondered what I looked like when I first came to live with Mommy here is one of the first shots of me. It was taken about a week after my adoption. I could sit comfortably on Mommy's lap back without towering over her.

The pound where I'd lived for a few months and was rescued from just days before I was to take that final walk thought I was 6 months old. They told the rescue people I had just gone through my 6 month growth spurt which meant that I was almost as tall as I was going to end up being. The rescue people told Mommy I would probably end up about knee high at most, but boy were they wrong! I was probably not even 5 months old and the growth spurt I had just had was my 4 month one so, once I got to Mommy's house I grew and grew and grew. By the time I stopped growing I was three feet tall at the top of my head, which means that Mommy can pet me while standing up without even straightening her arm all the way and when I sit on her lap it looks like this:


Gracie Lu shih tzu said...

You're so lucky your mom adopted you! And you are a big doggie but that just means there is more of you to love! Happy gotcha day!

Gracie Lu, the Shih Tzu

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

How did I miss this? Happy Gotcha Day! Three times fur the 18th, the 19th and TODAY (coz it be the day I be celebrating fur you).