Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Help Me Win a Life Jacket

Mommy and I never enter contests, but when we saw one where the prize was a dog life jacket Mommy decided to enter. You see, one thing I didn't mention in my last blog post was that when I fell in, um, took an impromptu swim in the lagoon I actually kind of maybe panicked. I've never panicked in the water before, but this time when I needed to swim my hind end didn't really behave itself and it sank which started dragging me down. Mommy pulled me towards shore with my leash and was ready to haul me out, but I got out on my own. Now, it could be that my legs didn't behave because the water was so cold, but Mommy is worried that this is a sign that I'm not going to be able to swim this summer. So, if I could win a life vest it would be really cool.

The problem is you needed to enter a photo of your dog having fun in the water, and Mommy really doesn't have any good ones of me. She entered an old photo she took with her point and shoot 35mm camera 10 years ago and scanned which is really pathetic if you see all the professional photographers who have entered the contest. One thing they said in the contest is that Facebook likes will count towards the winner along with the judges' opinions. So I'm asking all of y'all out there who have a Facebook account to like Mommy's pathetic photo. It is here:

Who knows, maybe something will come of it! If the link sends you somewhere weird the contest is at and my photo looks like this:


1 comment:

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Shhhhh - I got on mom's FB account and liked your pawthetic pikshure Merlin! I hope you win! Akshually, your pikshure is not bad at all. And you hasn't changed a bit.