Sunday, October 7, 2012

County Hiking Challenge 2012--Hike 8/11

This hike was along the river trail that Mommy and I like to hike.  We haven't done this particular stretch of it for about two years because I can't hike to it anymore from the trail heads where Mommy likes to park.  Mommy doesn't like this section's parking lot because it is off a very busy road and you can only get to it from one direction.  Also, there is no turn lane so if the drivers behind you aren't paying attention you risk getting rear ended when you slow down to make the turn.

The beginning of this hike goes behind shopping malls and apartments. This whole area is mostly shopping malls with some apartments added in, so it is nice that the people who live in those apartments can get to a nice bit of nature easily. But as far as hikes go, it isn't very exiting in the beginning.

See, not so great.

We did get to see some color

But don't give up on the hike because after you cross the river...

 you are in the woods

 The woods are nice and full of good smells and sometimes you'll see a deer.

The hike ended where the river trail merges with one of my favorite non-river trails.  I wanted to take the other trail, but Mommy said no because that hike is even longer than the one we were doing and we would never had made it back to the car, but she said since the challenge has a "wild card" entry we could maybe do the trail she wouldn't let me take as our wild card.  Total hike, 2.3 miles.


Sam said...

I think it is worth it - it looks very pretty!


Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Wow, Merlin, you sure to be cruising right along on your hiking challenge!