Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Monthly Diary for March, 2013

Well, March is over and they are telling me it is spring, but I'm not believing it.  I'm not feeling too good today. I pooped in the house last night and I don't want to go for a walk, which is really not like me.  I wanted to walk right after I had my toe amputated after all.  Anyway, Mommy is a bit worried right now, but I figured it would be a good time to tell you what I did in March.

The big news is that the Tastee Freez opened on March 1st and Mommy and I took a short hike in the snow on March 3rd and then, after the hike, we stopped at the Tastee Freez and I got my first Pup Cup of the season.  Mmmmm Pup Cups...

Because Mother Nature decided to give us all our winter snow in March, Mommy had a snow day this month.  I like snow days because it means we go for walks and I get to hang out in the backyard and bark at the snowblower and stuff.  But this snow day Mommy did some in the house chores and then decided to catch up on some of the tv shows she had recorded and not watched.  This is okay, except when it was time for me to shift my napping spot from the kitchen to the livingroom MOMMY WAS ON THE COUCH!!  I went over to my livingroom bed and turned around and turned around and turned around and turned around and glared at Mommy and turned around and turned around and turned around. Mommy looked over at me and I glared at her harder and I turned around and turned around and FINALLY Mommy said, "Do you want to sit on the couch? Here, I'll move over." and she did and I climbed up and lay down and went to sleep right away.  Seriously, how slow on the uptake can she be?  A little while later we looked out the window at the bird feeders and we saw that a whole flock of red-winged blackbirds had flown in during the storm.  It is wrong for summer birds to arrive in town in the middle of a snow day.

As you know if you read my previous post, Mommy insisted on taking our Daylight Savings Hike even though it was pouring down rain all day that day.  I was not amused.  Mommy and I also took a New Year hike too to celebrate the beginning of spring.  It was much better weather that day.

Also in March I got prescribed a new walking schedule by the vet.  See, I've been having these rogue pooping incidents like I mentioned at the start.  Mommy got really concerned when one morning she heard me rustling around in my bed and then she suddenly smelled poo.  I had pooped while lying on my bed.  Luckily my butt end was off the bed, so I hadn't pooped on the bed, but I had made a circle of poo around the bed.  Mommy yelled, "What the hell?!!" and sent me outside.  She wasn't mad at me but worried because I hadn't even asked to go out.  Then that night just before we fell asleep I suddenly realized I had to poop so I jumped off the bed and ran out of the bedroom pooping all the way.  Mommy called the vet and the vet said that she thought that one of three things was happening.  They were:
  1. I wasn't totally pooping when I went outside because my back hurts so I was having to poop again sooner than expected
  2. Because of my back I'm not getting much warning when I have to poop and so I am surprised by it
  3. Both 1 and 2
Mommy said she thought it was #3 so the vet told Mommy that I needed to
  1. go out right away in the morning and not get to lie around in bed until I feel like getting up.
  2. be sure to poop before bed which meant I was supposed to either be followed around by Mommy in the backyard or take a walk
Well, I DO NOT like taking walks before bed.  The first night I walked with her, but as soon as we were about two houses down I kept trying to get her to go back home.  She wouldn't, but I got my revenge by refusing to poop.  The second night I refused to leave the driveway, so I won that battle.   Then Mommy started following me around the backyard.  Well, I don't like being followed around in the backyard by Mommy when I am trying to poop either.  So when I saw what she was doing I stopped and stared at her until she went and did something else.  Our compromise is that Mommy lets me out about an hour before bed now, and then about a half hour after that and then again right before we go to bed.  This has worked really well until last night when I realized at two a.m. that I had to poop so I ran out of the room and pooped in the middle of the plant room.  Mommy wasn't happy about that wake-up call.  I have my next laser treatment on Saturday and Mommy says she is going to talk to the vet about today.  Hopefully the vet will figure out how to stop this.

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