Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Monthly Diary for February, 2014


I was tempted to stop there, but I guess I can tell you a little bit more.
  • We got more cold; 16 days at least 10 degrees colder than normal and 7 days at least 20 degrees colder than normal
  • We got more snow; three and a half feet over normal so far.
  • We got more ice and I've slipped and fallen on that ice more times than Mommy can count. I have to wear my lifting harness if I'm not wearing my coat so Mommy can help me walk on the icy sidewalks and streets.
  • I'm tired of cold and snow and I have pretty much decided to stop pooping outside after dark and just sneak off and poop in the back room or bedroom instead of telling Mommy that I have to go potty.  Mommy is now watching me like a hawk in the evenings. Despite all her attention I did manage to poop on the bed five times last week.
  • We did get three days that were 10 degrees warmer than normal. That was exciting and I did finally get to walk across the ice on the lake because we got enough of a snow/thaw/wind/rain/freeze/snow cycle in those three days that the the lake ended up with a nice even packed down layer of good traction snow on it.
  • I decided I wanted to go hiking last weekend and followed Mommy around barking at her until she gave in and took me to the nearest trail. 300 yards into the hike I decided it was too icy and insisted on going home. 
  • Mommy wondered why the mattress had gotten all lumpy after she moved it to the floor to make things easier for me.  It was because I had hidden a half dozen stuffed animals under it.
 Wake me up when it is spring.

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rottrover said...

Hi Merlin!! We've gotten the first rain in what seems like a your! We're SO happy!

Bart, Ruby and Otto