Sunday, April 20, 2014

An Easter Hike

It got up into the high 70s today! Needless to say Mommy and I decided we needed to go for a hike.  Mommy chose the river hike because it is usually cooler there than on the other trails and we aren't used to the warmer weather yet. We were glad we chose it because even by the river it was quite warm since none of the leaves have come out yet.

 The turtles were awake

Mommy and I hiked for about a half mile and then I thought maybe I should ride in the stroller. I wasn't sure though so Mommy waited for a bit while I thought it over.

Debating about riding

I rode for about a mile and then we got to the park where we stop to have lunch. I barked to get out and we walked to the benches by the river to eat. They were packed with people, but we waited and eventually the people left and we got to sit down and have our lunch. After the lunch I walked for a bit more and then decided I wanted to ride again, so back in the stroller I went. We hiked for awhile and then Mommy spotted a small snapping turtle trying to cross the bike trail. Mommy was worried the turtle would get hit by a bike since the trail was so busy today so we sat by it for a while so Mommy could stop the bikes if it went onto the trail, but the turtle didn't want cross while we were there so we moved on.

 Hi turtle! Are you looking for somewhere to lay your eggs?

 Close up!

We kept on going until we got to the park where dogs aren't allowed and then Mommy decided to turn around. I told her I wanted to walk again when she turned around so I got out and walked about one mile.

 We noticed the beavers have been busy improving their lodge

I walked for about a mile and then wanted to ride again, so back in I got. I got mad when Mommy stopped pushing the stroller to take some pictures, but she wanted to get a shot of the blue-winged teal because they have come back for the summer.

 Blue-winged teal

When we were almost back to the trailhead a little brown bat flew overhead. Mommy was surprised to see him since it was about 2 hours before sunset, but he may have just migrated back in, or he might be a bit desperate for food since the bugs aren't out much yet and it is still getting very cold at night. Then we saw some big bunnies in the woods.

Can you spot the big bunny?

There he is!

When we were about a 1/4 mile from the trailhead I decided I wanted to hike so I got out and walked back to the car.

Total miles hiked by me: 2.1   Total miles riding in stroller: 4.2  Total miles hiked: 6.3

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What a hike! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful finds!!!