Monday, November 1, 2010


Mommy worries about me when I walk with her at night. I had a red collar that I wore, but I have large ruff and it was often obscured. Besides that, we lost it about a month ago. Now that even my evening walks are after dark Mommy decided I needed some lights. She couldn't find a good lighted collar for me so she made me some headlights (or wing lights) out of a couple of drawer lights and Velcro. Here I am wearing them!

Me from the front

Me from the side

Me running

Me drinking out of the birdbath


Shawnee the Shepherd said...

I has a blinkie ball wot mom hangs on my collah at night so it blinks and I lite up. Like at summer camp once when mom stayed at happy hour a little too long and had mebbe just one too many and it gotted dark and I had to lead to way to our tent with my blinkie ball on coz mom could not rememmer where our tent woz... Oops, should I not has writed that?

Johann The Dog said...

I see you!!!!

I have a blinkie light that blinks and blinks and blinks...lucky us Mum works from home so we can arrange our walk times.

Shawnee gives away secrets!, BOL!