Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Big Storm!

Remember this winter we had SnOMG? Well we had a big storm yesterday morning that was a summer equivalent. The day started off really nice. It was cool and sunny at 7 a.m. They were saying there was going to big storms later in the day, but Mommy and I figured there would be no problem going for our morning walk. We got to the town proper and Mommy looked west and saw a HUGE BLACK WALL coming towards us fast. She said, "Merlin you need to pick up the pace." I didn't want to and dragged behind her in my "log on a rope" impersonation. We got to the squirrel park and I wanted to go in, but Mommy said, "I owe you a squirrel park later. No park today." I stood mule still because I HAD POOPED which meant I got to go in the squirrel park. Then it started to drizzle. Mommy dragged me towards home and said, "You are going to regret this you know." and I have to admit she was right. We were still a good two blocks from home when the wind got really strong and it started to rain needles SIDEWAYS. It HURT! I sure picked up my pace then. Mommy and I were practically running home, but we were fighting the wind the and being stung by the rain. When we got to our block there was a loud CRACK BOOM!! and we saw a tree a couple houses south of ours crash down into the street! Mommy and I sprinted past all the shaking trees and got to our house and discovered that our mulberry, which is taller than our house, was touching the driveway. It hadn't fallen down, but was just bent so low that its branches were touching the ground. We had to push through the branches to get to the house then we went in the gate and onto the porch. Mommy turned around to pull the porch door closed because it was being blown all around by the wind when CRACK BOOOOM!!!! the elm tree next door split in half! Luckily the half that fell down didn't hit anything but it was scary. We went inside and I got dried off and Mommy changed into dry clothes and then the carbon monoxide detector screamed and our lights went out. I got really scared because I hate the carbon monoxide detector, but Mommy unplugged it then called Benji's mom to make sure none of the elm had hit her house. It hadn't, but she pointed out that the tree across the street had fallen down at the same time! Mommy called work to say she wasn't coming in right now as it looked like a hurricane and then we sat in the window and watched the storm. When the storm was over we went out and helped clear the tree out of the street and pull the branches that were in Benji's yard to the curb. Then Mommy went to work.

When she got home she took me for a walk and I talked to a bunch of people who were out pulling branches to the curb and just staring at places where their trees had been. Then Mommy got in the car and went shopping! She came home with two big bags of ice and she set up an ice chest like we were going on vacation, but then she put it in the basement and the other bag of ice she put in the fridge. Weird. Then we sat on the porch and I wanted the fan and lights on but Mommy lit hurricane lamps instead and told me that that was how the pioneer dogs lived. I think those pioneer dogs were nutty. It was DARK and so quiet you could hear the owls and bats and stuff, plus it was hot and there was no fan. This morning Mommy still wouldn't turn on the fan, but we took a walk around town and Mommy brought her camera so we could share pictures.

Our neighbor Amy gathering up some of the elm tree logs for their wood burning stove

Amy taking a break to pet me


Where did the squirrels go?

Anyone home?

How is that balancing like that?

Nom nom nom

Can you see the workers cutting up the big willow that broke?

Here they are!

Mr. Vulture is looking for casualties

Don't think they are getting out of their home any time soon

I got to go swimming at the end of the walk

Mommy says that it is very likely we are not going to have lights or fans until Saturday!! (Mommy had to drive far away to get electricity to put this blog entry up for me.) I'm not sure I want to be pioneer dog for that long, so if you know the CEO of the electric company, please bite him on the leg and tell him to hurry up with that work!

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Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Wowser! That woz some storm you had! Good thing you only got your furs wet and that a tree did not fall on you. Those skwerrels could has been aiming fur you, you knows. I hope you get your powahs back sooner so you has lights and fans and stuffs.