Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dumbest Vacation Ever!

Yesterday Mommy got all our ice chests out and two ice chests I'd never seen before and took all our food out of the deep freeze and fridge and filled them up. Ice chests mean vacations right? So I thought, "Cool a trip!" Mommy took the chests and put them in the car and I sat behind the car to be sure I got to go on the vacation. Mommy and I got in the car and we drove off and we ended up at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Mommy took one of the chests in and put the food in it into Grandma and Grandpa's deep freeze, then she helped Grandpa change a lightbulb and then we got into the car and drove off again. This time we ended up at a house I'd never been to before. I thought, "Okay! Here is the vacation place!" and I was excited to go into the house, but when I got inside the house was empty except for a folding card table and chairs. I checked every room and looked out the windows and sniffed everything I could sniff while Mommy put the food from the other ice chests into the fridge and freezers in the house. After I'd sniffed everything, I followed Mommy around confused and even went down the stairs (very slowly) behind her even though she said I wasn't supposed to. When she had emptied all the food out of the chests she put them back into the car and got my long leash. She told me this was Grandma and Grandpa's new house and I was the first dog to see it. Then she said Grandma was going to be here soon and we needed to wait outside since the air conditioning wasn't on in the strange new Grandma house. Grandma came and Mommy hooked me up to a tree in the back yard of the house by a nice group of gardens and then she LEFT!! Grandma was working in one of the gardens so I whined a bit and then settled down and waited to see what would happen next. Mommy came back about 15 minutes later and said, "Thanks for letting us put our stuff in your freezers until our power is back on." and we got in the car and drove home! I couldn't believe it when we pulled into our own driveway!! That was the DUMBEST vacation I have ever been on.

Good news wise our power came back on last night so I don't have to play pioneer dog. Mommy wasn't home when it came on and something happened after it did which caused the neighborhood to smell all smoky and scared me too. Mommy isn't sure the power is going to stay on because of the smoke and since it keeps going out again on other blocks, so she says the food is staying at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Also a neighbor stopped us on our walk this morning to tell us that the death of The Squirrel Tree was featured on our local news last night!! A reporter stood in front of it and showed the big hole where the squirrels used to live. He said that the tree was a popular gathering place for neighbors on holidays, but he didn't mention that it used to be FULL OF SQUIRRELS and that one time 12 SQUIRRELS RAN OUT OF IT ONE AFTER ANOTHER. What kind of reporting is that?

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Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Mebbe it woz a dumb vakayshun but at least the noms did not go bad and they had a place to go to where they would stay cold. I totally agree about the bad repawting - now 12 skwerrels runnng out of a hole in a tree, that should has been on CNN - that duss stand fur Canine News Netwerk, rite?