Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Monthly Diary for October, 2012

Well, let's see. I posted quite a few Hiking Challenge "sub-posts" this month. You can read them here here and here. I also showed off my treat tins in this previous post if you want to see them.

Other than hiking this month I had another laser treatment. I was very good for the vet. When I got into the laser room I lay right down and barked at the vet to get started already. Then when she had done my left side and started to try to do the parts of my right side she can reach when I'm lying on it, I got up and turned over without her asking.  She told Mommy that she was very impressed by this. Mommy said she knew I'd pick up the pattern eventually.  I love those laser treatments and they make me feel so much better. I actually asked to play ball four times this last week. Mommy played some quiet catch games with me, but she didn't want me to play full out fetch because I always regret that for days, but she finally gave in on Halloween and threw the ball for me twice. I will admit, I've been a little sore since then, but Mommy says I have my next treatment on Tuesday so I should feel better then. 

Speaking of Halloween I helped answer the door again this year. If you check my previous "sub-post" you will see my costume. I got bored after about ten kids though and went to bed instead of answering the door. Mommy says Boo used to do that when he got older too.

I've taken some really long morning walks this month too. I did a 7 1/2 mile morning walk one day! It kind of became a morning/afternoon walk and we got caught in the rain, but I did the whole thing and was very happy the whole time. Mommy lets me choose my weekend walks and that was the one I chose. I've also gotten some of my speed back and can now grab and eat dead things that I find on the side of the road before Mommy can react again. My tummy doesn't think that is the best thing to do, but what does it know? I've also gone back to sleeping on the couch and counter surfing as well. The funny thing is that Mommy now says, "Wow! Look at you! You got that off the counter!" instead of "Bad dog! Get down!" She says sometimes she wonders why she's letting me have those laser treatments. I'm also chasing squirrels again. Mommy has been working in the yard a lot, cutting down flowers and raking leaves, which means I get to spend hours outside in the yard. The squirrels assume I am still the slow dog I was before the treatments and so they forget to look out for me before coming down from the trees. Then I get to chase them back up, which is lots of fun.  Well, I guess that's it for the month of October.  Sorry this is a rather boring update, but be sure to read the more exciting "sub-posts" if you didn't catch them when I posted them.

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