Sunday, January 13, 2013

Black & White Sunday...Sort Of

Mommy and I went for a hike around one of my favorite little lakes yesterday, and when we looked at the pictures Mommy took we realized some could qualify as a Black & White Sunday posting, without actually tweaking them to grayscale.  It was VERY windy and we saw lots and lots of waterbirds.  We also found three goose kills.  Two were definitely the work of coyotes, but we aren't sure about the third.  We'll start with the "black and white" pictures

There were temporary signs saying "Keep Off the Ice" and "No Ice Fishing" but when the ice looks like this I'm not sure how stupid you'd have to be to go out on it.

This is a coot

There were a ton of geese on the lake and they just kept coming

Now for the not black and white, but still with a black and white theme if you consider I am black and white and goose feathers are too.

 Me getting a drink out of the lake

 It was very windy as you can see by my flying leash and how all my tail fur is backward

One of the coyote's goose kills

 This is the goose kill we weren't sure about.
There were a whole lot of cleanly plucked feathers, and no real signs of coyotes.
Mommy wonders if maybe a human was involved.


GOOSE said...

I loved your black and white photos.

Sam said...

Awesome photos! Our coyote kills here are usually pretty clean, but every once in while we do find signs the coyote was interrupted.