Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I Got a Present from Oz!!

Mommy came home from work tonight and there was a package waiting on the front stoop.  It came all the way from Oz!  (That is what Mommy calls Australia).

 See, you can see it says AUSTRALIA right there on the postage!

 The package was addressed to Mommy because my friends in Oz tried to send ME a Christmas card and the poophead mailman sent it back saying that it couldn't be forwarded to me!  I've gotten mail before without any problem, but our new poophead mailman seems to have been confused by the fact that I have a different last name from Mommy.  Poophead!

Anyway, Mommy opened the package up and inside were TWO Christmas cards, one from my internet friends Siobhan and Shiro and their daddy and one from  Ebonie and Siobhan and Shiro and Ebonie's mommy!  AND there was a WONDERFUL genuine Australian oil skin dog coat in it too! 

 See, it says so right on the package that it is a genuine Australian oil skin dog coat.

I tried it on and it fit wonderfully.  It has a nice fleece inside and an oil skin outside.  I can't wait to wear it tomorrow on my morning walk. This coat will be MUCH classier than Mommy's old sweatshirt which I have been wearing for the past two days.  We have been having very cold weather lately and it is around 0 when Mommy and I have been taking our morning walks.  This coat is going to be very toasty warm.

 Me barking "Thank you, Auntie Sarah for the classy coat!"

A photo from a few years ago of me in my not classy hand-me-down sweatshirt

The funny thing is that just this morning Mommy was saying, "I wish I could cover your hips on your walk, you really need them covered these days, and the sweatshirt just isn't cutting it."  You can see from the picture above that my hips are covered perfectly.  No more cold arthritis hips for me!

And thank you Uncle David for the card and for mailing the package for Auntie Sarah!

And Ebonie, Siobhan and Shiro I hope you stay cool since Mommy tells me it is summer where you live and you've had a lot of really hot weather lately.


GOOSE said...

You look GREAT! It sort of looks like the coat my buddy Easy sent me from France a couple months ago. I love mine. And you will stay of so warm, even the hips. And you can move real well in it. Bet ya can't wait for your morning walk.

KB said...

I love your coat, Merlin. It looks classy, and I hope that it's keeping your hips warm!!!!!! That sure was a silly postal worker who didn't know who Merlin was!

Thanks to your mom for the list of ideas for tricks. I have a question. How did you train "head down"? I'd like to train Shyla to rest her chin on her paws while she's in a down but I'm stumped about how to do it, and I can't find info about it on the web. Is that what "head down" means? Do you have suggestions for us? You seem like the star of tricks!!!!!!!!!

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

That do be one pawsome coat, Merlin. Nice and cushy against your furs and nice and oily on the outside so the cold winds slide off. And even better that it came from Down Unner!