Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Monthly Diary for June, 2013

I should start by saying Happy 4th of July everyone!

I had a pretty busy June.  I had all my socializing to do.  For instance, one morning Mommy and I were taking our morning walk and when we passed by the diner there was a guy sitting on the bench in front of it. He was talking on his cellphone, but I always assume anyone who is sitting alone and talking really wants to talk to me so I stopped in front of him and leaned against him and stared up at him until he said, "Hold on. I have to pet this dog." Then he tucked his phone into his shoulder so he could give me a good two handed scratching while talking.  Mommy was very embarrassed when she got to the end of my zipline and turned around to see what I was doing, but I wasn't embarrassed at all. He was sitting alone and talking. He needed to pet me.
It was Grandpa's birthday this month too, but I didn't get to go to the celebration. Mommy didn't either because it was over 1 1/2 hours away from our house, but she did get together with Grandma, Grandpa, her grumpy oldest brother and his new wife who is not grumpy at all.  I had to stay home because it was a humans only place.  I thought that Mommy was going to be gone all day so I got comfy on the bed and went to sleep.  Well, Mommy came home and, since I wasn't expecting her, I didn't hear her come in.  She checked on me, but saw how tired I was so she let me sleep.  I slept for 1 1/2 hours after she came home.  She says she made all sorts of noise, including knocking a broom and dustpan out of the broom closet, but I don't believe her.  Here is the embarrassing movie she took of me:

Also this month Mommy and I went to Mommy's coworker's anniversary party, which I already blogged about.

Then Mommy and I went up to Wisconsin for a quick arrive Saturday/leave Monday trip.  Mommy's grumpy oldest brother and his not grumpy wife were there and Missy and her family were there, but I didn't get to see Missy because she was staying at the grumpy oldest brother's house and didn't come to Grandma and Grandpa's house, which was too bad.  Mommy got her brothers to put in the peddleboat so we could take rides and I got to ride in the big boat too.  Mommy helped Grandpa with a couple of little chores and managed to gouge a chunk out of her arm while doing one of them.  I tried to go swimming, but when I got out to swimming depth, my right leg went up into swimming possition and then locked there! It was very scary and I went back to shore. Mommy swam out for my ducky and she tried to swim a bi more, but she complained that the water was too cold.  Mommy has ordered me a life vest and we hope that will help me swim even with my wonky leg, otherwise I'm going to be just a wading dog from now on.

Our town had its Fourth of July celebration on Saturday like it always does and Mommy's best friend since first grade happened to be in the area so the three of us walked to Tastee Freeze and I got a PupCup and Mommy got a malt and Mommy's friend got nothing because she had come from eating out with other friends and was full. Then we went to Mommy's and my spot at the feed store to see the fireworks.  The old folks who hadn't come last year were there this year. One of them had had surgery last year right around fireworks time which was why they couldn't come.  Mommy, her friend and I sat on my sleeping bag and they talked A LOT until the show started.  Right before the show started these weird lights came floating up from the park where you are SUPPOSED to go see the fireworks.  People were wondering what they were.  First Mommy said, "UFOs." then when they got a little closer Mommy said, "Drones." Then when they got closer she said, "Oh, they are floating lanterns." One of the old people asked, "Lanterns?" and Mommy said, "Yeah, you know, you make a tissue paper lantern and you hang a tea light under it and it heats up and floats like a hot air balloon." Then as we watched more and more of them float over head Mommy said, "Yeah, they float like little hot air balloons straight towards our house... I hope the the candles burn out completely before they come crashing back down to earth. We didn't see where they landed, but it must have been after they passed our house because we didn't find any of them that night. Mommy's friend was impressed by our little town's show.  We had some fireworks she'd never seen before, like one that made the shape of a star and one that was half blue and half white. I made sure to sit pressed up against Mommy's friend or on her lap for most of the show because it was special she came.  Mommy said her friend was a very good sport because she is kind of afraid of big dogs, but she couldn't have been afraid of ME!!  When the show was over I stood up and barked at the sky because I wanted more fireworks.

Finally, the big happy news this month is that the stinky next door neighbors moved and the new neighbors don't smoke!! No more constant haze of cigarette smoke! We can open our windows again and Mommy can leave the back door open so I can go on and off the porch as I please and Mommy and I can hang out in the hammock without Mommy having to wear a mask.  The new neighbors have a puggle, who I've sniffed through the fence, but have not met properly yet.  Hopefully I'll meet it soon.  Sometimes when the new neighbors open their door our porch and yard stink of air freshener, but that isn't too bad, and we know that their only other choice would be to hire a disaster clean up crew or one of those companies that clean houses after someone has lain dead in them for days to come in and destinkify the house and since they are young, they probably can't afford that.

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KB Bear said...

I'm so happy about your new neighbors. I hope that the life vest helps. I once had a Lab whose hind legs were paralyzed due to a disc problem, and a life vest let her play in the water (but I still supervised closely).

Have fun!