Saturday, June 15, 2013

Forest Preserve Party Hike

Mommy and I went to her coworker's anniversary party at the forest preserve today.  We were a bit worried about the party because they had been predicting big rain storms all day today and it was raining quite a bit this morning, but by the time of the party the rain had stopped.  I love going to this party and often try to crash other people's parties at other forest preserves because I know they are fun and there is food.  And let me tell you about the food. I got a WHOLE vanilla pound cake cupcake (Mommy did take one bite out of it to see what it tasted like and she ate all the chocolate icing off it too.) because Mommy's coworker said I was supposed to get a WHOLE cupcake to myself! Mmmmmm.

 That cupcake is supposed to be MINE

 Uncle Joe, tell Mommy that cupcake is supposed to be MINE

After Mommy and I socialized for awhile we went off on our required hike.

This is a nice hike through woods, so even though it was warm and humid, it wasn't oppressively so

 I found a nice swampy pond to cool off in around the half way point

 Felt good

 Didn't taste so good though

We hiked a total of 2 miles and then we went back to the party which was wrapping up.  Mommy was just going to say goodbye to everyone, but I decided to take a nap and so Mommy agreed to stay and let me dry off some before we got back in the car.  After about a 1/2 hour nap, Mommy and I left and I found the BEST party favor!

 Can you see? It is the bottom part of a baby deer leg. It was WONDERFUL. 
Mommy told me to drop it, but I said no.

 When we got to the car I thought I should be allowed to bring it home, but Mommy said no, it was NOT coming in the car with us.

So I walked over to the grass to eat it

But Mommy got all "ACK! STOP!" and "I REALLY DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO TOUCH THAT SO SPIT IT OUT NOW!"  So I dropped it and Mommy kicked it into the scrub for the coyotes to find. She said that was only fair since it was probably the coyote's deer leg to begin with.


Anonymous said...

Merlin is a wonderful party guest. He even put up with another guest, a small white poodle named Duke. Merlin did have to take a stand when his mommy actually petted Duke, I mean come on!

Cinnamon said...


You must tell was the deer leg good?

xo Cinnamon

Sam said...

We are glad you got your cupcake, Merlin! ...and I'm with your Mom on the deer leg - ewwww...