Sunday, June 15, 2014

Where Have I Been?

Nowhere fun, that's for sure.

It is hiking time and swimming time and ice cream time and cheesy fries time and I have had NONE of that for weeks now.  I was supposed to go to Wisconsin this weekend too, but that didn't happen either.

See, I got really, really sick a couple weeks ago. I had runny poops and nausea and a high fever and Mommy rushed me to the vet and they did all sorts of tests and found out I had a really bad bacterial infection in my gut and my white count was almost 5 times higher than it should be! I got put on two antibiotics but they didn't kill all the bad bacteria. I'm now on a third one that was a shot because my stomach can't take any more antibiotics and my ulcer started to act up.  So, all I want to do all day is this.

You can see the wheels for my stroller behind my head

And I don't want to eat anything but bread or biscuits and chicken or turkey. I will drink Ensure, and eat some doggie nutrition gel, but only if nothing better is out there.  I've lost almost 10 pounds and Mommy and the vet are worried because at my age (I'm almost 14) recovering from something like this is very hard.


Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Oh no Merlin, sickies is cutting into your hiking time, too! This is so not good. You had to eat and build up your enegeries and make your mom put those wheels back on your no-walkin-wagon! Get better, pawlese! OK?

rottrover said...

Oh Merlin!! Sending you strong get well healing vibes from California!

-Bart, Ruby and Otto

Anonymous said...

We love you, Merlin. Rest well, friend. Emme, Charley & Mommy