Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Monthly Diary for December

Well a few things happened this month that I posted right away, so you may want to read the previous entries on my blog. For one thing, it was cold and Mommy made me dress funny. Also, Mommy got attacked by a squirrel! I have also decided to post one Flashback year per month until I get all my old Geocities entires stored here (since Geocities closed down and I lost my storage space there). If you weren't with me from the beginning you might want to read the Flashbacks too to learn more about me and my early years. Other than that, lets see...

We got snow finally! I love snow. I love chasing my basketball in the snow especially. I think that is the best fun. You get to chase the basketball and slip and slide and then when you get it it is cold and covered in snow. And then when you bring it to Mommy is is covered in frozen slobber. It is a great game!

Mommy also bought nuts in the shell for Christmas and she put them on the end table by the couch. I love nuts so I kept stealing them and eating them. I ate all the walnuts first and then the hazel nuts, then the almonds. I can't eat the Brazil nuts because their shells are too hard, but whenever Mommy cracked on for herself I made sure I was there to get a piece. She complained that I had eaten almost all the nuts and she had hardly gotten any. I think she should be happy that I saved her from all those calories. Also, if I wasn't supposed to eat them, she should have put them on top of the fridge with the other good stuff I'm not supposed to eat.

Speaking of good stuff I'm not supposed to eat, the Christmas tree torture is back. This year I know there is a big cookie waiting for me under the tree and one for my cousin Missy too. I really really want to eat them, but Mommy says they are no until Christmas morning. Every once in awhile I'll go back to the tree to make sure they are still there, but then Mommy hears and says, "Merlin! Get out of the presents or I'll tell Santa!" and I have to leave them alone again.

Speaking of Santa, Mommy helped out LEARN (the people she got me from) this month by standing at the front of a PetSmart store and convincing people that their dog/cat/ferret wanted its picture taken with Santa. Mommy tried really hard to get someone to have their newly purchased fish's photo taken with Santa, but all the fish people turned her down. She did a good job though because at one point the photo people told her to slow down because the line was too long. LEARN made $300 for a 1/2 day of Santa photos, which is not bad!

Also this month I ran out of my 3V caps which I take to keep my skin unichy and my coat shiny. Drs. Foster and Smith didn't have any in stock so Mommy had to go to the vet to get them. When my vet heard Mommy talking to the receptionist she came out and said to Mommy, "What did he do now?" I think I am getting a bad reputation at the vet's! Mommy explained that I was fine and we just needed the supplements and the vet was happy. Then she warned Mommy to keep an extra close eye on me on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and NO PEOPLE TREATS! Mean mean vet.

Another thing that happened this month is that Mommy needed to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house after work to celebrate Missy's Mommy's birthday and so the neighbor boy came to our house to let me out and feed me. He likes me a lot so he decided that he would take me home with him after my dinner. I had fun at their house, but I was a bit worried that I had been stolen. I was very happy when he brought me back home late that night and Mommy was there.

Finally the best thing that happened to me this month was (Auntie Naomi, don't get too mad at me) I CAUGHT A SQUIRREL!!!!!

Mommy and I had gone to The Squirrel Tree and I was sniffing for them when a couple of the squirrels got nervous and decided to leave the tree. The first one was a big fat grey squirrel and he ran out and up and I jumped up and just missed him. Then, right on his butt was a big fat black squirrel. I was still up on the tree when he came out of the hole and I made a quick grab and GOT HIM!!! I caught him by his fat butt and fuzzy tail instead of his head and neck so I couldn't shake him dead and he spun around and started scratching and biting at my face and squealing. Mommy started yelling, "OH! OH! OH! Drop it! Drop it!" I did drop it and I quickly stepped on its tail so it couldn't run away. It was still squealing and trying to bite me and I was trying to figure out how to get to its head and neck when Mommy pulled me off the squirrel and it jumped up and ran up the tree. Mean Mommy. I could have shook that squirrel dead eventually!


Zed said...

Good thing you didn't make that squirrel dead.
Dead squirrels aren't much fun. Sure you can roll around on em when they stink but, after that - Nothing. They don't run, throw stuff at you, or even yell at ya. Killing them is like throwing away your own toys.
Do I beleive all that I just wrote?
Not really but, that is the same story my mom gives me about the bunnies & chipmunks. BOL!!!

LouPeb said...

Wow great job! *high paw*
ahh well it got away but those evil squirrels are supposed to be elusive, right...?
Merry Christmas! Happy holiday!