Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Squirrel War Continues

I went to the Squirrel Tree with Mommy this morning and a squirrel was inside. He decided he wanted to be outside and tried to run out and up the tree like they do, BUT he had eaten waaaay too much and was very fat so when he twisted his body to run diagonally out of the tree his big fat butt got caught in the hole! I thought I finally had my chance and jumped up to try to grab him, but instead of staying stuck he turned himself forward and launched himself out of the tree and straight towards Mommy's face! I don't know if he was thinking he could take shelter on top of her head or if he was planning on biting her in retaliation for her letting me go to the Squirrel Tree each morning, and I won't know because Mommy's boxing training kicked in and she did a great duck and weave maneuver which caused the squirrel to miss her. The squirrel landed with a heavy plop into the snow behind her and ran up the next tree before I could get him. Those squirrels are getting crazier!

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