Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter is Here!

Mommy and I woke up to -2 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures today with high winds. We figure it was probably -24 F with the wind chill. So we had to bundle up for my morning 2 mile walk. Mommy is wearing: two pairs of socks, thermal boots, sweatpants, overalls, a t-shirt, a thin worn out sweatshirt, a thick warm hoodie, a homemade variation on a balaclava, a scarf, a hat, glove warmers, wool and thermal fleece mittens, and a down jacket. I wore a sweatshirt because Mommy didn't want the metal parts of my harness to touch my skin. We got some interesting looks from the commuters in their cars, so Mommy figured she should take our picture when we got home.

At first I had trouble figuring out that I really could pee while wearing the shirt, but once I tried it and found out there was no problem I did my normal marking. I also got to go to the Squirrel Tree, but the squirrels didn't want to come out and play. They are such wimps.

Keep warm!


mom2acat said...

Merlin, I think you look very cute in your sweatshirt!

Shawnee the Shepherd said...

Wow, Merlin, that is cold. BRRRRR. It was 29 here (16 with wind chill, plus not minus like by you) and my mom wore about half of what your mom wore.