Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Flashback to Dog Scout Camp--Day 5

My Camp Diary
Thursday, July 24, 2003

I was very tired last night. I slept until almost 7:00! We took a short walk before breakfast and then we did a two mile backpacking hike. I was very good and walked in the crowd. I didn't mind when a shepherd barked at me. I even walked next to a Belgian for awhile!

After the hike Mommy and I practiced "Leave It!" with food until I got it down well enough to pass the test. (Cheese and peanut butter! They expected me to choose not to eat cheese and peanut butter!) Did another painting for Mommy, but I wasn't having fun. It was a nice one though and she called, "A Bouquet for Mommy." Afterwards I got to play in the play yard with BOTH Emma and Skippy! Then Mommy had my caricature drawn.

A Bouquet for Mommy


My caricature
I don't like to look people other than Mommy in the eye

I went for a boat ride on the lake with Mommy and got to swim for a loooong time and I chased frogs too. It was lots of fun. Since I was such a good boy for the whole day and didn't bark at anyone Mommy let me go for a dog's choice walk. I chose to walk down the trail and come back behind the pond. When we got to the pond Mommy called out that I was coming and everyone made sure their dogs were doing something besides running up to me except for the Belgian pair. Their Mommy let them both run straight at me! I got scared and barked and lunged at them and Mommy had to haul me off. She said that they only wanted to play with me but she understood that it wasn't my fault and I was still a good boy.

Mommy didn't say anything to anyone except Alex's mommy, but someone who was down at the pond told Lonnie because she came to talk to us about it later that night. I went to bed early and Mommy made a letterboxing stamp for me.

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