Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Flashback to Dog Scout Camp--Day 2

My Camp Diary

Monday, July 21, 2003

Another sleepless night. Alex had to sleep in his crate and he spent a lot of the night showing his displeasure by clicking his toenails on the plastic bottom and moaning. I just couldn't get comfy on the bed because it was smaller than the one at home and Mommy was hogging all the space. Besides, how comfy can you get when you are on an eight foot lead?


Decided to wake Mommy up at 6:00 a.m. (that's 5:00 a.m. our time). Finally agreed to poop in the puppy play yard. Mommy tried to get me to eat breakfast, but nope. I want my feeding station. Mommy said, "Maybe you'll eat if we go off to a quiet spot in the woods." She gathered up my food and stuff and wrapped my leash three times around her hand and we went to get some fruit for her. When she was shutting the fridge Kyra, a German Shepherd, came up. Kyra's mommy said, "Can we come by?" Mommy said, "Wait." That is when Kyra's mommy made the fatal mistake of trying to move backwards to be out of our sight. I SAW THAT GERMAN SHEPHERD MOVE!! With a ROAR I yanked the leash out of Mommy's hand and went after Kyra. My food flew everywhere. Kyra's mommy was too quick for me though because she let go of her G.S. and pinned me to the wall with her leg. I kept growling and barking while Kyra tried to let herself out the door. Mommy grabbed my tail and hauled me off to the car. Boy was she mad at me! She said one more of these and we were going home. I gave her a 3 inch by 1 inch bruise on her thumb from yanking the leash too!


I had my picture taken for our camp ID and we kind of just avoided other doggies until lunch. Mommy tried eating with me in the dining room, but then suddenly decided that naptime for doggies would be a better idea. I didn't think it would! Another roommate arrived. She was a black and white border collie named Shadow. Mommy told shepherd owners to keep away from me at introductions. Then Mommy went to a class to learn the first stages of how to paint and I had to have another nap. She came back and we practiced this silly Mommy trick where she would click this thing and hand me a treat. Mommys are strange. Dinner, then painting practice. Mommy held a board and if I scraped my foot on it she would click that thing and give me a treat. It was fun for awhile, but then, half way through practice I had had enough so I stopped cooperating. I spit out the treats and paced and whined and bumped Mommy with my head and tried to climb on her lap until she FINALLY got the hint and we went for a walk and quiet time. At least Mommy walked me to the road so I could poop in comfort! I refused dinner again, but then got mad at Shadow when she came over to sample it. I didn't growl, I just gave her my "sideways eyes."

Me learning to paint

The path to the woods trail

Tired me


Shawnee the Shepherd said...

How eggsiting to hear about your camp. I went to camp once too. I didn't learn how to paint there, though. Bummer. But I did get to herd sheeps - OMD, the bestest funs I efur had! But I pulled a muscle coz I runned so fast keeping them sheeps togedder and could not take the herding class any mores after the furst time. Dubbull Bummer.

ForPetsSake said...

This sounds like fun! but for Nyxie, the whole camp would have been like hour experience with Khyra. *sigh*