Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Flashback to Dog Scout Camp--Day 6

My Camp Diary
Friday, July 25, 2003

Lonnie reminded everyone at breakfast to keep their dogs under control especially when yellow bandana dogs are around and I guess the Belgians' mommy got mad because she left.

We took a five mile backpack hike and then I painted my best painting yet, "On the Puppy Playground." Then we went to our final Dog Scout test.

On the Puppy Playground
Can you see the three black dogs of three sizes running?

We were in the big room and they wheeled in A CAT IN A CAGE!! They expected us to "Leave It!" for A CAT IN A CAGE!! Some of the other dogs didn't even seem to notice or care that there was A CAT IN A CAGE!! I did though and I barked and barked. Mommy made me leave the room quite a few times. The other dogs would walk up to THE CAT IN A CAGE, look at it and then look away and walk off. They walked away from A CAT IN A CAGE!! I walked up to it and sniffed and sniffed and sniffed and had to be dragged off. Then I barked and barked. Then I stared. The other doggies all passed, but I wanted that CAT IN A CAGE!! Mommy and I had to stay about an hour after class before I could finally "Leave It!" the CAT IN A CAGE. The way they finally got me to pass was that when I would turn away from THE CAT IN A CAGE, I would get to walk up to THE CAT IN THE CAGE!! Then if I walked past it I got to beat up my anxiety toy.

Photo by Joanne Webber

After all that work Mommy and I took the rest of the day off. We just sat around reading and stuff, but each time we went back into the lodge I checked to see if I could find THE CAT IN THE CAGE!!

All the tired puppies and their people

Mommy and me relaxing
Photo by Joanne Webber

Later, Mommy and I tried something called "Rally-O". We had to walk around a course and do various obedience things whenever we got to a station. Mommy was sure a klutz at it! We tried both courses once and then took a little break and then tried to do them again, this time for a Rally-O patch. I only have so much patience for obedience so, after we did the first course perfectly, I decided that was enough. I'd let Mommy line me up for the second course and we'd do the first station and then I'd jump up and grab my leash and shake it and fight Mommy and refuse to move any further. Mommy tried it three times, but I made sure I did the same thing each time. So, Mommy said, "We quit." and we didn't get the patch. Mommy says maybe we will find a Rally-O group by us since SHE thought it was fun. HMPH!

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Merlin Wylt said...

One of my twitter followers sent me this message, "whoa..cat in a cage..that's traumatizing...we can't even watch a cat on tv, stresses us out and we can't stop barking."

I'll tell you, walking by that cat nicely was the HARDEST thing I've ever had to learn.